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I'd like to offer a special thank you to Will, Michelle, Toni, and Rebecca - it was super fantastic to meet and talk with you. You have inspired me with a universe of possibilities!


Look - My (really) old band the Freakness has a website - click here & go there!

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Sean Madden and Brian Dickenson are now being spotlighted in the Featured section, with cool slide shows of their amazing visual art!

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Not all of which is finished, but it's all on its way! (Update: or maybe not.)



Featuring photography by myself - Mike Golner, an unusual but friendly freak guy living in Buffalo, New York. I have a full blown obsession going on here (to go along with all the others), and wish only that I had infinite time to pursue my muse (sadly, I do not). There is really nothing which cannot provide intriguing lens-fodder, and nearly anything is more fun for me if I bring a camera (insert risqué joke here).



My main enduring passion. I have been fooling with string instruments, recording equipment, and pro audio pretty much forever. This town is rich with talent, and since it snows six months out of the year it sort of makes sense: what else is there to do all winter long other than practice a lot, get really good, and then play some shows for all the other people out there whos main winter occupations involve drinking beer and dancing? Grab a beer and your dancing shoes!

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Western New York is literally crawling with disgustingly talented humans. It's positively lousy with 'em! Many of them short on change, bumming drinks, couch surfing, and eating frozen rats. But by and large also kind, humane, unpretentious, articulate, inspired and above all passionate persons. Of course there are a few who are monstrous, self absorbed, pernicious, pugnacious, obstreperous, bellicose, and uh, um, er . . . fabulous! This section will be for visual artists, and here I'll be exploring and presenting some folks who have got - through their unique abilities, divine inspiration, and diligent efforts - mad phat skillz (yo).

Mondo Swank A Go-Go:

Mondo Swank

This thing will be cool! A visual tour of the stylized idealized fictionalized America as represented by Hi-Fi Lp graphics in the middle of the last century. Or to put it clearly, wacky old record covers. Buxom babes sipping martinis, impossibly handsome men with their initials on podiums, perfect scrubbed children in idiotic outfits, and a world which never existed. Or maybe the world was perfect, hell, I don't know! I began collecting this stuff because it made me giggle, but was delighted to discover that the music also was often great. While hoping to avoid copyright infractions, I expect to have audio of this stuff available as well.

I'll also have some useful Links, details of my available services, and Bob knows what else - so don't be a stranger!

Very special thanks to Peter Hecker