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Sean Madden Art & X-Planet Id:

Sean Madden Art

Sean Madden is my very dear friend. This is one brilliant mofu - an extremely fine graphic artist with truly subversive sensibilities, masterful in many media, and a flat-out killer guitarist (I'll bet he still wails on harp, too!). Jazz and campfires, underground comics and politics, love and death, it's all effortless between Sean and me, and it always has been. He is personally responsible for much of who I am today. Go to his site, open your head, and crawl inside. (Also go here).

Tooth and Claw:

Tooth and Claw

These guys are the real deal: Dirt and Nuggette are masterful craftsmen, unique organic individuals, immensely intelligent and insightful conversationalists, and straight up hard-core beautiful freaks. I am happy whenever they are near! You should visit their sweet looking site, buy some hand crafted jewelry, and then proceed to set off every metal detector you pass through from now on.

Buffalo Yoga:

Buffalo Yoga

Darcy is an amazingly engaging and powerful person whose relentless pursuit of knowledge and experience have led her to master an impressive array of skills. She is a compassionate, confident, sagacious guide in matters of personal spiritual exploration, an expert equestrian, an accomplished computer geek, a gifted teacher, and she could probably help prevent your death in the desert at night! The musical events at her gorgeous studios are not to be missed, and if you have an inner karmic flame which needs fanning you should try one of her yoga classes.

Great Arrow Graphics:

Great Arrow Graphics

Great Arrow Graphics is a small Buffalo company run by kind, talented, and diverse individuals who make hand crafted silk screened greeting cards. Their inspired artistic sensibilities, high quality, attention to detail, personal benefaction, and enlightened hiring practices make them an example of capitalism at its finest. Check out the amazing variety of lovely and distinct designs at their swanky web site, and be sure to thank them for keeping me alive and in groceries for so many years (I'm a former employee)! Also check out the owner Alan's amazing astro-photography here. A cool geek for sure!