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Madeline White

Mesmeric, mellifluous, & marvelous music, masterfully made.

Nick's Vega

Gutter elegance from Nick and Mike.


Brad and Jessies sophisticated swanky acoustic duo.

Pam Swarts

Pam can't not be creative! Like an apocalyptic creamsicle.

Wolf Tickets

Chris Malachowski & co.'s supercharged mosh-bait.

The Rabies

Powerful theatrical rock that gets your attention like a raised fist holding a pointy stick.


Progressive rock meets punk. Sid Vicious being beaten with a dictionary.


Like your whole life flashing before your eyes!

Knife Crazy

Machiavellian musical picnic lunch.

A Mourning Vision

Supa-fine heavy, intense, melodic mayhem.

Mikes fault.

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