Ready for a night out? Wondering what's up in Buffalo? Here's a collection of links to help you decide where to spend your hard earned pesos, and where to shake yer butt to some fine live music. You really don't need those twenty dollar bills anyhow, and bands gotta eat! Remember: don't drive drunk - use a bicycle! (Buffalo has many fine hospitals, also).

Tudor Lounge: 335 Franklin Street

The diveiest dive ever! Absolute raunch, but not too smelly. Good elevated stage, and cool bartenders (One of whom plays in Magic the Freek).

Club Diablo: 517 Washington Street

Jesse's newest venture is the shizz: a totally swank metal-ish club with heavy goth overtones and tons of style, it's the logical sucessor to our beloved defunct Continental. Go there naked and just get it over with, already.

The Mohawk Place: 47 East Mohawk Place

If you don't know where to go tonight, you should just go here. If the bands suck, the regulars are sure to be entertaining, and it's got really cool pressed tin walls and cielings, as well as a great assortment of signed promo pictures of the zillion awesome national treasures who have graced their stage over the years.

Soundlab: 110 Pearl Street

Experimental and outsider music with a full-service bar at a very very cool turn of the (last) century building in the (freakishly empty) heart of downtown. This place is so cool that when I played here with Bad Ronald and forgot my compressor pedal, it was still there 2 days later! Tip those sweet bastards!

Sportsmen's Tavern: 326 Amherst Street

A great dive with a built in recording studio, a boss smoking deck, live music every night, the best pressed tin walls and cieling in town, and some seemingly creepy but actually quite nice regulars. Asleep at the Wheel partys here every time they are in town!

Icon: 391 Ellicott Street

Excellent mid sized joint, great nationals and locals and lots of room to groove or mosh, a really good sound system and a huge variety of acts. Bring cash.

The Lafayette Tap Room: 391 Washington Street

A very classy home of the blues here in Buffalo. Attached to the lovely but dilapidated Lafayette Hotel, host to illicit love since 1904. I used to practice with Cherita and Joel in a space near their laundry room, and it was pretty creepy. I'm fairly certain it is haunted (by winos).

The Tralf: 622 Main Street

A venerable name with a legendary legacy. From its humble but steamy roots as an underground juke up on Main near Fillmore, to its distinguished footprint near Sheas downtown, this place has always dished out the goods - no matter who steers the ship. Spyro Gyra was hatched in the bowels of the old club, and Bobby Millitello (of Dave Brubeck fame) molded the downtown club into the absolute best music hall I've ever been to. There isn't a bad seat in the house, seriously, and I've seen more of my musical idols in that room than anywhere else on Earth. From classy to crass, national acts, locals, jazz, folk, rock, blues, experimental - you name it - the best of the worlds players have taught me what great is from that stage. Under new management I thought it might be toast, but it's showing every sign of carrying on the tradition of booking the same type of high class musicians as its predecessors.

Club Infinity: 8166 Main Street

I've actually never been there, but they do seem to get a lot of big acts, and I'm sure I'll be compelled to go soon.

Broadway Joes: 3051 Main Street

This place used to be the best place ever, but it's not the same since Joe and the hippies left. They still get goods bands though, but they don't heat during the winter, which Adrian Legg hated. They also rudely kicked a friends band off the stage - funk that, not cool. Beers and bands and hot college chicks, so its not all bad.

Nietzsche's: 248 Allen Street

If you don't know this place you're not from Buffalo. Nietzsche's has it all - superb funkified atmosphere, the coolest regulars, wonderful bartenders, and live music every night. A fantastic variety of musical genres, and signatures of famous bands on the cieling. You'd better be over 21 though, or PJ will send ya' packing!

McGarret's: 946 Elmwood Avenue

This fine joint could be the hippie haunt sucessor to Joe's, but it is distressingly regularly overrun by frat boys. But hey, Dave's one of the kindest humans I know, and he's no dummy - he knows which side his bread is buttered on! They often have really great bands, but with their calander tucked away on a myspace page, it's hard to know who and when. No longer - start here! The Poor Boys had a great time playing here, and I could walk to the gig! Once when walking home I stopped at the church nearby to take a pee, and I fell into a ten foot hole! Lesson: never pee on a church.

Merlins: 727 Elmwood Avenue

Alright, I'll admit it: I love this place. A great location with a great patio, bartenders who know their peeps, live music, and plenty o'depravity. Much less "dirt rock" since Curt started booking young bands, and their young friends started mingling with the spooky regulars (myself included). New! They now have an actual real (sort of) website (as well as their old stinky myspace page, here)!.

The Allen Street Hardware Café: 245 Allen Street

What started off as a total yuppie joint has (perhaps largely because of the powerful influence of Babik, and Doug Yeomans) become a swirling blend of Left Bank dance hall, fine art gallery, and Allen Street freak roost (with decorative yuppies). Live music nearly every night, and some good eats.

The Town Ballroom: 681 Main Street

What a great room - large, open, a great sound system, and easy bar access. They bring in some of the finest national acts, and locals often open. Indie, punk, metal, pop, everything. I can totally picture this place's past as a big band niteclub, with dancing and orchestras and cigarette girls. Crazy, pops!

And for all the places I missed, and for your other entertainment needs try these:



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