A band called the Freakness exists!

We are a duo consisting of Sean Madden playing 7 string guitar, and Mike Golner playing bass, keyboards, and live mixing/looping with a computer.

At this point we are doing perhaps 20% planned material, with 80% improvisation, and man it just flows! (Edit: It's been all improv lately!) We feel an incredible synergy between ourselves, built upon a lifetime of friendship - we have been close friends since grammar school, and can almost read each others minds. New possibilities become evident every time we perform. We jam our butts off and make people palpatate, vibrate, resonate, radiate, undulate, procreate, hallucinate, and levitate!

We hope you will take a moment to browse this site, and learn about our music, our shows, and ourselves. Have fun, and send us an email to let us know what you think, or for booking!
With love, S&M.


It's all about live - here's where we have and will play out in the Universe:


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Atomic TV-a-GoGo! Mondo Video Madness!

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Click the pix, let 'em load, and see some amazing art by sean and mike - and of the band (popup slide shows)

sean graphic arts:

sean gallery

mike photo graphic arts:

mike gallery

band pictures:

band gallery

Sean is a master graphic artist, with a zillion successful shows and commissions, and several published books.

Mike has become adept at the mechanics of using a camera, although he seems to prefer screwing around with his computer music gizmos to seeking out cool photos these days.

Check out both of our websites by using the links below!


Blah blah blah - give us a sec, we'll make some silly stuff up soon . . .


quick the Freakness gear links: sean / mike / you

sean plays:

An ESP LTD 7 string guitar...

7 string

into a Boss ME-50.


Sean has added a wonderful Lexicon Jam Man looper pedal to his signal path . . .

Lexicon Jam Man

which is controlled by a Rolls MP128 midi footswitch.

Rolls MP128

The Jam Man is (despite being 20 years old), simply the most musical and enjoyable looper around. Unlike nearly all of the current crop of looper pedals being sold, this elderly hardware actually sends and recieves midi! Uh, thank you! This opens up a world of possibilities all those new fangled gizmos can't even approach.

The signal is then sent into the computer (assisted by the Rednef Twin amp sim vst plug-in) where it is sent out to the P.A.

mike plays:

A Dean Pace bass...


into a SansAmp Para Driver DI...


into the one of a kind Plat-O-Caster™ :


The Plat-O-Caster™ is made with:

To control looping and additional guitar effects, a Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller:


Most recently these crazy Kaossilators have been added to the mayhem - touch pad synthesizer harmonicas (you select the key and scale) with drum machine and looping ability. In addition to adding kaoss to our sets, if the computer ever fails these will be the backup plan!:


We pump all that nonsense into a pair of JBL Eon G2 15in. powered speakers...


and finally into your ears:


quick the Freakness gear links: sean / mike / you

Here's some other internet stuff of interest: